A PRESS/PR Webinar

Lessons from a journalist: How to

secure press coverage (part II)

Want to land press coverage but unsure where to start? Or are your pitches being ignored? In this workshop, national journalist Suzanne Bearne who writes for global titles including The Guardian, The Observer and the BBC and runs The Guardian's PR and Marketing Masterclass, will explain how tweaking your pitch and your approach can have a major impact in securing press coverage.

Delving into her 10 years' experience as a journalist across trade, national and consumer titles, Suzanne will offer guidance on working with the press, explain what to include in a press release, reveal how to take advantage of digital platforms, and provide tips on building relationships with both in-house and freelance journalists. Lasting for about 90 minutes, you'll get the chance to ask journalist Suzanne Bearne any questions you have. And you will be able to reply the session at your own convenience. You can watch this webinar on its own, or watch with the other part (more details on that one below). They can be watched separately, or you can book onto both.

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November 13th
19:00 GMT

Here is What You'll Discover

Insider knowledge from a national journalist

Delving into her 10 years' experience as a journalist across trade, national and consumer titles, Suzanne will offer insider guidance on working with the press.

Which digital tools you need to invest in

Online has paved the way for PRs and businesses to converse easier with journalists - and vice-versa. You'll find out how to take advantage of such platforms.

Which journalists to approach

Discover how to decide which journalists to target.

How to actually meet journalists

Forever asking journalists out for coffee but constantly being turned down? You'll find out ways to meet journalists face to face.

How to pitch a journalist

Find out what to include in an email pitch and a press release. Also lots of real examples of what does and doesn't work.

A super useful two-page checklist on dealing with the media

Packed list on how to build great relationships with journalists.



Suzanne Bearne is a freelance journalist for national titles including The Observer, the BBC, and The Guardian, where she has worked as a commissioning editor. She covers everything from technology and travel to small businesses and lifestyle and has reported from Myanmar, New York and Lisbon. She has worked as a journalist for more than 10 years, working across trade, national, and consumer titles. She also runs the Guardian's PR and Marketing Masterclass in London and also hosts workshops for businesses and organisations.

She also runs a separate webinar, Lessons from a journalist: How to secure press coverage (part I) that explores:

*what journalists look for in a story

*how to think creatively about securing press coverage

*how presenting yourself as an expert can help you feature in the media

You can book here: https://14b41924-d843-4495-81b5-e53693b6bc4b.webinarninja.com/live-webinars/147439/register

Please get in touch if you would like to access to above webinar. Both webinars operate separately so you can access both independently and they'll still be useful.

If you have any questions, please email susiebearne@hotmail.com


"Suzanne’s masterclass is fascinating, engaging, informative and a real eye opener. In the space of 3 hours I went from a complete beginner to feeling like I knew exactly what to do to get a feature published. She gives you the top tips and all the tools you could need to be successful. Highly recommended!" - Louise, Cocoa Libre

"After a training session with freelancer Suzanne Bearne, I came away feeling completely besotted with my chosen profession. After twenty years in this job, I didn’t think there was anything I didn’t know. I know that sounds full of myself but after a certain amount of time, you can say that right? But actually, Suzanne taught me a lot of things that I’d either forgotten about, taken for granted or just hadn’t even considered." - Lynsey Walden, director, Front Door Communications

“Suzanne Bearne’s class was interesting and insightful. She used real scenarios and great examples to back up her useful tips and ideas. Came away with much more knowledge and understanding of what journalists are looking for. Would highly recommend.”

“Thanks for the masterclass - even though I’ve been in PR for a good while now it was enormously helpful to me."

November 13th
19:00 GMT